Analysis of the working principle and application introduction of damping buffer


What is your first reaction when you hear damping? Do you think it's a bit strange? But in fact, damping buffers made of damping can be seen everywhere in our lives, providing great convenience for our lives. As is well known, the various frictions and other obstacles that attenuate free vibration are called damping. The "special" components placed on the structural system can provide motion resistance and reduce motion energy, known as damping buffers. A damping buffer is a device that provides resistance and reduces energy. Using damping to absorb energy is not a new technology. In industries such as aerospace, aviation, military, firearms, and automobiles, various damping buffers (or shock absorbers) are used to absorb energy. Since the 1970s, people have gradually applied these technologies to structural engineering such as buildings, bridges, and railways, and have achieved rapid development. Especially the hydraulic viscous damper, which has a history of over 50 years, has gone through a long process of extensive testing, strict inspection, and repeated argumentation, especially seismic testing, which has been accepted by the American structural engineering community.

Various applications include spring dampers, hydraulic dampers, pulse dampers, rotary dampers, wind dampers, viscous dampers, damping hinges, damping slides, furniture hardware, cabinet hardware, etc.

There are three types of damping buffers for sliding doors: mechanical, pneumatic, and hydraulic. When you apply force to the sliding door, the damping buffer acts as a reaction force, and when the door is opened and passed through, it can automatically close, ensuring that the door does not hit the door frame. With the use of a damping buffer, the door is more convenient to push and pull, and the damping buffer has a mute function that prevents the door from making a harsh sound when closed. Although the shape of the damping buffer is relatively small, it can play a significant role in our daily lives, bringing convenience to our lives and creating an extremely comfortable home environment.